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    'The Hamptons' Cross Back chair

    In beautiful oak timber and a rattan seat for comfort, the cross back chair is for those discerning customers with an eye for style. This chair will compliment a range of events that aim to source something unique.

    Price $16.00 +GST each





  2. website pic
    White padded folding chair

    20 million people can't be wrong. This has without doubt been the most popular chair across the event industry for the simple reason it's a great all rounder. It looks great, it's sturdy and priced well. White Umbrella currently has new stock of these meaning they are 'extra white' for your next event.

    Price $7.50 +GST each





  3. cocktail chairs3
    Timber Cocktail Chairs

    When you need a better view or to perch at the bar for a much-needed beverage, these stools are consistent with our timber dining chair option and go perfectly with our "Timber Cocktail Tables"

    Price $30 +GST





  4. table websites2
    The 'Uli' Dining Table

    The pride of the fleet named after it's very talented maker. Carefully selected top end hardwood timber assembled into a classic Hamptons style dining table. You really need to sit at this table to appreciate just how good looking it is.

    We can't even call it rustic!

    110cm x 180cm
    Price $90 +GST




  5. trestle tables website2
    Timber trestle table

    A practical dining table for linen covered applications in a range of lengths and widths. Note - these are a top quality, solid trestles with steel legs that don’t blow away in a five knot breeze. Recommended spacing per person for dining is 600mm per person. i.e a 180cm long table seats three each side. All pricing for our trestle works out at $3 per person based on 600mm spacing.


    60cm x 180cm (slightly narrower than standard being ideal for coffee service against marquee walls)
    Price $18 +GST

    60cm x 240cm
    Price $24 +GST

    75cm x 180cm (standard trestle size ideal for linen covered banquet dining)
    Price $18 +GST

    75cm x 240cm (Standard width designed for 4 people each side)
    Price $24 +GST


  6. Ottomans for website2
    'The Woollahra' Ottoman

    Remaining in the Hampton/French country theme that we just can’t get enough of, this ottoman provides a very comfortable, space efficient and great looking seating solution for all types of events. Cushions are included in either white with navy piping or the reverse.

    Bench (1500 x 450 x 450) $100 +GST

    Cube (450 x 450 x 450) $50 +GST





  7. photo 4
    Hampton Wicker lounge setting

    Can be hired as a complete set or as individual pieces. The setting consists of two double sofas with cushions and two arm chairs with cushions.

    Price for complete setting $450 +GST

  8. 2014 12 23 13.56.02
    Directors Chair

    If your after a relax style event our Directors Chair are the chairs you want

    We have 8 in stock

    Price $5.00+GST

  9. FullSizeRender
    White Tolix Stools

    If your looking for the perfect industrial style stool you can't pass up on our stunning "White Tolix Stools"


  10. Coffee Table 1
    Coffee Table

    Our idyllic coffee tables are a great addition to any event, big or small

  11. timber box seat
    Timber Box

    If you’re looking for a side table or something to put flowers/decorations on then stop looking you have found it right here!

  12. thXON5E24V
    Wine Barrel

    Our Wine Barrels are great if you’re looking for something different to use to place flowers/decoration on, or can even be used as a bar table

    Price $75+GST

  13. Cocktail tables2
    Timber Cocktail Tables

    Adding warmpth and luxury to any occasion our Timber Cocktail tables pair perfectly with our "Hamptons Cross Back Chairs"

    Price $50 +GST

  14. Arcadia Fiveyearparty 160331 PaulMcMillan 3
    Tolix Bar Tables

    Stunning white leg tolix tables with a perfect timber finished top

    Price $80.00+GST

  15. weddings 81

    Our classic Bentwood will never disappoint

    Price $14+GST

  16. bar2
    Wine Bar

    A must for any event or wedding, this beautiful rustic bar looks stunning in every setting.

    Price $175+GST

  17. White Tiffany
    White Tiffany

    You can never go wrong with our elegant tiffany

    Price $10+GST

  18. Broadway Chair
    Broadway Chairs

    Our stunning Broadway chairs are a classic way to bring style to your table setting. The clear back gives the chair some grace and class if you’re wanting to use it as a chair for your next conference

    Price $12+GST