About Us

When Jock Hough and Michael Keen found themselves erecting marquees in freezing rain and gale force winds on the banks of the Firth of Forth in Scotland, they realised they were prepared for anything and it was time to return home to Australia and open their own business.

But not any old business. They wanted a specialist marquee hire business. That’s when they created White Umbrella – bespoke marquee hire.

Our team even wears white gloves

As Jock says ‘anyone can slap up a marquee – instead we decided to open a bespoke marquee hire business, a company that uses only the very best equipment and is flexible enough to meet the exacting needs of demanding customers. We aim to get every last detail absolutely right. Our team even wears white gloves when fitting the white lining in our marquees to make certain it remains spotless!’

‘Every time our marquees are used we scrub them by hand’ Michael Keen added, ‘the biggest challenge from day one was to remain true to our objective to be a bespoke marquee hire company that provides the highest quality products and service for all occasions. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to find the best fabrics, strong framework and high quality flooring. And we make sure everything always looks brand new – after each use we scrub every inch of our marquees by hand. These are just a few of the things that set us apart’.

In 2007 these two enterprising young men started the White Umbrella company from scratch. Today they are handling over 250 assignments a year and employ ten properly trained staff.

Eleven reasons to use White Umbrella – bespoke marquee hire

1. Site Assessment

Because every assignment is different, the first step is a site assessment to work out how to meet your objectives whether it be a wedding, garden party or corporate event. We also take into consideration your site – lawns, forecourts, terraces, decks, tennis courts and swimming pools all need different treatments. We never take on a job without a site assessment.

2. Marquee styles

We have a number of bespoke, freestanding marquees of various sizes and styles, all with several roofing, wall and floor options, so the next step is to agree with you exactly the ‘look and feel’ that you want. Marquee linings can also be varied to match your theme. We can also provide polished timber floors, magnificent solid timber and glass French doors and clear see-through walls and roofs.

3. Marquee Quality

Your event is important, so in our view there is no point in putting its success at risk. That is why we have selected brilliantly engineered German framework, the best fabrics from Australia and New Zealand and high quality European polished timber floors. We do not use peg and pole marquees like some companies. Instead you get a strong 100% waterproof marquee with a high wind rating and high quality fittings.

4. Highest Quality Lighting and Sound

Lighting and sound can make or break an event so we advise and provide a range of sound and lighting options for inside and outside the marquee.

5. Detailed Quotation

Now we can advise exactly what your marquee will cost. With White Umbrella there are no hidden extras. If the quotation is acceptable a 30% deposit is taken and we send you a statement with an agreement detailing the style of marquee and day and time of installation for your event.

6. Double Check

Prior to leaving our warehouse every component is checked for cleanliness and operation. Using our warehousing storage system we can also double check that every component is loaded ensuring no delays at the venue.

7. Installation Day

Before any work starts we again run through with you exactly where and how the marquee is to be installed. We build each marquee manually and do everything possible to minimise the impact on each venue by removing the use of heavy machinery where possible. We also use a hand assembled steel floor structure which supports the timber on all surfaces such as tennis courts and forecourts with a concealed weighting system where stakes cannot be used. Once the structure is in place we put on our white gloves to install the final touch - the lining. And once again, we clean the clear walls to ensure your views are not spoilt.

8. Trained Team

We put considerable effort into training our team. Yes they work hard and will work up a sweat, but that is no reason why they cannot always be polite, well spoken and in company uniform, thus underpinning our values at White Umbrella. You won’t see anyone smoking or hear loud music and swearing on a White Umbrella Site!

9. The Big Day

If you would like we will have a team member attend your event to handle any last minute adjustments on your big day. You may need a wall removed to take in the sunshine or an adjustment of the marquee gutters in case of downpour. Whatever you need, just tell us.

10. All finished

All that is left is for the White Umbrella team to remove the marquee, clear the site of our equipment leaving your venue as clean as when we found it and send you a final statement. At this time, we also like to receive your comments on the quality of our service and products.

11. Finally

Before our marquees are warehoused they are once again scrubbed clean and dried out ready for the next event.


Who uses White Umbrella?

Since we opened for business we have served just about every type and style of event from Celebrity TV shows for hundreds of people to an intimate 80th birthday party and of course literally hundreds of weddings for which we are known to specialise in. Quite simply, there is no job we won't tackle assuming of course you want the highest quality marquee, the highest quality service at the best value.