Stunning New Range of Californian Tents


The Californian Tent is a stunning option for any setting and occasion; from wineries to beaches, outdoor weddings, special occasions, community or corporate functions.

Californian Tents are in demand by the world's foremost event planners and caterers due to their exquisite detailing, impressive silhouettes and elegance; inside and out.

Californian Tents are an unforgettable feature for any event type, size and location. Each Californian Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues.

Crafted from genuine sailcloth, these tents are immediately recognisable for their graceful silhouettes, geometric reinforcement patches, solid wood support poles, nautical embellishments, and signature flags atop each peak.

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Round Tent: 10m x 10m

 Capacity: 40 - 80 guests

Ideal for an intimate dinner party, wedding ceremony or cocktail event or a utility tent to accompany the large Californian Tent.


Capacity: 96 - 200 guests

Ideal for wedding receptions, product launches, cocktail parties and large celebrations.

Finishing Touches

Both the Round and Large Californian Tents have the following features available:

Clear walls

Attractive weather proof walls can be added for unpredictable weather changes and can be easily and quickly rolled away when the sun comes out to play.

Sail Connector

The 5m sail connector allows you to seamlessly link the Round & the Oyster Shaped tents together.


Have flooring straight on the lawn, or on a timber floor. Why not consider polished timber floor boards? 


Floor Plans

These tents can accommodate a variety of layout, depending on specific requirements and fixtures such as a dancefloor, catering tables and bars.

Some of the popular floor plan options are below:

                                                                               10 x 22 Sperry - 100 pax                  10 x 22 Sperry - 100 pax                                                                                        
10 x 22 Sperry - 100 pax 10 x 22 Sperry - 100 pax