Pagoda Marquees

Sydney has been calling out for a quality outdoor event solution that's vertsatile across a range of outdoor environments. Whether your ocassion is a small wedding, private garden party at your home, or a boutique corporate or sporting event, we have the creativity to cater for your guests in many different spaces. We have worked within a huge range of gardens, different surfaces, tight spaces, over decks, on rooftops, and even over swimming pools.

Our pagoda marquees range from 3 metres by 3 metres to 6 metres by 18 metres and can be built to pretty much any combination in between. These impressive peak roof pagodas can be linked to a living room to give a continuous flow to what was an outdoor area. Our custom made timber flooring system can also be adapted to almost any size. A carpet overlay is installed to give it the final touch and then we add lighting to suit, such as fairy lights, par 56 lighting, or a motorised mirror ball with coloured pin spots for dance floors.

Versatile, modular and unique:

  • Adaptable marquees
  • Ability to be built on any surface
  • Solid timber flooring with carpet overlay
  • Impressive high peaks
  • A variety of appropriate lighting
  • Choice of clear or white walls
  • Buit with a high wind rating

Size Seated Seated w/dancefloor Cocktail
3m x 3m 8 N/A 11
3m x 6m 18 N/A 22
3m x 9m 26 N/A 33
3m x 12m 40 N/A 44
4m x 4m 12 N/A 20
4m x 8m 24 N/A 40
4m x 12m 36 24 60
4m x 16m 48 32 80
5m x 5m 30 20 30
5m x 10m 60 40 60
5m x 15m 90 60 90
5m x 20m 120 80 120
6m x 6m 36 24 45
6m x 12m 72 48 90
6m x 18m 108 72 135
6m x 24m 144 96 180