Structure Marquees

Our marquees are unique. When floored, construction continues with a solid steel framework built to the footprint of the marquee. Polished timber floorboards are then laid, resulting in a rock solid floor with an impressive warm timber finish that can be built on grass or hard surfaces. To secure the marquee in high winds we use slim dense cast iron weights underneath the floorboards, which means no cumbersome concrete blocks at the entrance and pillars of your marquee.

The main structure is made of high grade precision built alloy imported from Germany. It is modular in 5 metre lengths and connects directly to the flooring module. With the frame complete and reinforced with heavy cable, we install the roofs, gables and walls. The roof fabric is made from heavy duty blockout PVC in three layers, including an insulating film to keep out the harsh summer sun or contain heat in the cooler months. A choice of white or uninterupted 5 metre clear walls are then installed - to suit the view, all with the ability to be easily opened and tied back in the event of good weather. A crisp white flat fabric lining is installed to soften the interior and complimented by a suitable lighting package. Last, a point of entry is chosen based on the best access, where we hang our signature white French Doors made from solid timber and glass. Watch a time-lapse video of a White Umbrella marquee construction.

Our Marquee features:

  • German built, high grade marquees
  • Steel substructure
  • Polished timber floorboard finish
  • In-floor weighting
  • White flat fabric lining
  • Solid timber and glass French doors
  • High wind rating

Size Seated Seated w/dancefloor Cocktail
6m x 6m 36 24 45
6m x 9m 54 36 67
6m x 12m 72 48 90
6m x 15m 90 60 112
10m x 10m 100 65 125
10m x 15m 150 100 185
10m x 20m 200 130 250
10m x 25m 250 165 310
10m x 30m 300 200 375